Ohio House Changes Which Entities Can Conduct Raffles

The recently enacted Ohio House Bill (HB) 110 has changed which entities are authorized to conduct raffles in Ohio. In the past, school districts were included in the list of entities authorized to conduct raffles, but with the passage of HB 110, public schools are no longer authorized. Any organization who is not under specific tax exempt status (such as a 501(c)(3)) is no longer able to hold raffles until they have filed for and received necessary tax exempt status.

BRSW CPAs is partnering with the Paulding County Area Foundation to present a webinar to show these organizations how to file to obtain tax exempt status and will also explain what the filing requirements look like once the tax exempt status has been obtained. If you are interested in attending this webinar held Monday, November 7, 2022, please register at https://tinyurl.com/BRSW-PCAF-Tax-Exempt-Seminar.

If you know of someone who is part of an organization that is affected by this recent legislation, please share this link with them.

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