Providing Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services to Enable Success
Providing Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services to Enable Success
Providing Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services to Enable Success
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What We Offer

We provide tax, accounting and advisory services to enable success.

Bashore Reineck Stoller & Waterman Inc. is a provider of tax, accounting and advisory services to businesses, not-for-profits and individuals.

Positive results come with the right combination of good tax planning, sound business strategies and practical accounting in their businesses. As trusted advisors, we…

  • Provide tax, financial and accounting solutions,
  • Exceed expectations for service,
  • Practice the Golden Rule,
  • Link staff and technology in a smart, effective environment,
  • Contribute to the welfare of our community.


Recent BRSW News

Visa / Mastercard Class Action Settlement

Visa and Mastercard has settled a $5.5 billion class action lawsuit that claimed they violated anti-trust laws overcharging merchants with interchange fees from January 1, 2004 through January 24, 2019. All persons, businesses, and other entities that accepted Visa or Mastercard branded debit or credit cards during that time period…

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Increase to Overtime-Exempt Threshold

The Department of Labor has issued an increase to the overtime exemption threshold of salaried and highly compensated employees (HCEs). Even though the ruling will likely be challenged, employers should identify impacted employees and be ready to implement changes to payroll beginning July 1, 2024. On July 1, 2024 the…

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Change for City Withholding for Minors

Ohio House Bill 33 was signed into law last July that changed how employers need to withhold taxes for minors for tax year 2024. Beginning January 1, 2024, all individuals under 18 will be exempt from paying municipal income tax in all Ohio municipalities. If an employer has incorrectly withheld…

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