Providing Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services to Enable Success
Providing Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services to Enable Success
Providing Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services to Enable Success
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What We Offer

We provide tax, accounting and advisory services to enable success.

Bashore Reineck Stoller & Waterman Inc. is a provider of tax, accounting and advisory services to businesses, not-for-profits and individuals.

Positive results come with the right combination of good tax planning, sound business strategies and practical accounting in their businesses. As trusted advisors, we…

  • Provide tax, financial and accounting solutions,
  • Exceed expectations for service,
  • Practice the Golden Rule,
  • Link staff and technology in a smart, effective environment,
  • Contribute to the welfare of our community.


Recent BRSW News

Ohio’s new Adoption Initiative

Ohio has a new initiative to support adoption called It Takes Heart. What was previously offered as an individual income tax credit to adoptive parents, there are now three types of nontaxable state-issued grants available to help defray the costs associated with the adoption process. $10,000 for a conventional adoption…

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Excess Fertilizer Tax Strategy

The Ohio State University AG Law Blog recently posted an article on amortizing excess fertilizer in farmland. In certain situations of inheritance or purchase, excess fertilizer, lime, or micronutrients added to soil that remain over and above base nutrient level can be amortized over its depletion. This can be an…

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BRSW Client Newsletter 2022

Our year-end newsletter is here to help make you aware of any tax planning and upcoming changes that should be considered. If you have any questions, reach out or set up an appointment so we can make a plan together. 2022 NewsletterDownload Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New…

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