The accounting and auditing services we provide are primarily annual audits, reviews and compilations, interim accounting services and special purpose reports.

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

Traditional accounting and auditing services are the financial statement audit, review, and compilation engagements.  They are typically year-end services, but can be on an interim basis with monthly or quarterly computer prepared financial statements.  A compilation is the most common service for basic financial information, followed by the review that includes full disclosure notes to the financial statements.  An audit is the most comprehensive report we can issue on your financial statements.

Interim Accounting Services

Interim accounting services can include monthly or quarterly computer processing of transactions, reconciling the bank account, and check writing.  Other specific clerical services can be utilized depending on the situation or need that you may have.

Special Purpose Reports

Special purpose reports or agreed-upon procedures often are used when a special need or purpose is present regarding financial procedures and/or information that may need a report.

CPA Contacts for Your Accounting and Auditing Needs

Matt Reineck and Andy Manz at Paulding, Jon Stoller and Andrew Bashore at Van Wert, and Todd Meyer at Columbus Grove are your CPA contacts for these engagements.

Let us know how we can help you with your Accounting and Auditing needs.

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