How to Set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for your BRSW Portal

To enhance security, our portal vendor, Thomson Reuters, now requires Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for all of our clients to log in to their portal. To do this, you will need to install the Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app on your phone from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone). Below are instructions and tutorials for how to set this up on your phone.

Click the link below for the website that walks through the steps to install the app on your device. Under the “Download and install the app to your mobile device” section, choose the steps for your phone type (Android or iPhone) and follow the steps to install the app.

App Download Instructions Link

How to use the Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app

Once you have this app installed, call us if you are unable to access your account and someone can help you gain access. This app needs to be installed before we can help you get logged in.

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